Fitting the spiritual into a life celebration

Fitting religion and spiritual elements into a life celebration

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Fitting religious and spititual elemenets into a life celebration

Does a religious ceremony fit in Life Celebration events?

Life Celebrations are the modern way to memorialize someone. According to, Montreal’s leading Life Celebration Planner, the event is typically held before a death to say goodbye to someone who is ill or aging, or a month or so after a death. Most often a Life Celebration is customized with unique choices in location/venue, decor, food & beverage, music and flowers, and it also usually has a distinctive component of ceremony.
So, where does spiritualism or religion fit into this new way of saying goodbye? Life Celebration planners at say it has as much of a meaningful place as you would like it to.
Life Celebrations are about creating joy through an emotive ritual. The whole appeal of the event is its easygoing, natural, loving approach that offers those close to the person a chance to Mourn With A Smile and participate in saying goodbye. Whether spiritual, straight forward or humour-based, a ceremony is always encouraged and offers a meaningful grounding to the message of why the gathering is happening. So, whatever spiritual or religious rituals are significant to the person and their family, bring it on!

4 Religious and spiritual elements that may be included in a life celebration:


There are many types of freelance celebrants (from clergy to non-denominational celebrants) who
work closely with families to MC the event or adapt the ceremonial aspect of the event for you.
The key to this type of ceremony is that the person has taken the time to get to know the person
being honoured so that their sharing is personalized.

Sacred Music

Although hymns are usually reserved for funerals, because Life Celebrations are flexible, hymns
can be inserted into the program if important to the family.


Nothing says you can’t include favorite readings from scriptures, spiritual leaders and poets.


Music plays a significant part in any Life Celebration so why not include a gospel choir or chorus if that is what was significant for your loved one.

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