How it began

After many years of helping their clients say farewell to the special people in their lives, Kane and Fetterly's owners, Bridget Fetterly and Paolo Bassi, observed that families were looking for more creative and personalized options. People want to host a memorial event that truly celebrates the unique and beautiful life of their loved one instead of a more traditional funeral. With this in mind, they created alaVida’s Beautiful Goodbye ™ events.

A Portfolio of Private Events

Over the years, Bridget became involved in a number of charity organizations around Montreal and found herself as the creative director for their annual fundraising events.
For example, since 1998 she has been the creative designer of the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation annual Ball. She also designs the annual fundraising event for the West Island Palliative Care Residence.
Over the years, she has designed over 25 major events and dozens of smaller functions and parties.

  I love seeing the reaction of someone’s face when they enter one of my events. The smile on their face, the look of wonder. It’s as if I have transported them to another place and time where they are about to experience something truly unique and memorable.  
Bridget Fetterly

Bridget's Personal Event

Sadly, their own family became the first to use the services of alaVida. Just as they were launching alaVida, Bridget’s mother passed away. Bridget wanted to plan a Beautiful Goodbye for her mother, but even with her training and experience, the task was too much for her. Fortunately, the team at alaVida was prepared to step in and create the event.
Her mother’s lifetime love of figure skating inspired a wonderfully interactive Life Celebration on ice! Guests were invited to skate, dine on bite-size hors d'oeuvres and witness a stunning skating routine to a favorite piece of music.
After a short video and toast, several guests (and children!) enjoyed a last skate, urn in hand, in honour of this beloved mother and grandmother.
“I was surprised the next morning to wake up with a smile...I have fond and positive memories and actually enjoy remembering my mom’s Life Celebration. In reflection, the alaVida Beautiful Goodbye experience gave my family a tremendous gift, the ability to mourn with a smile. It is now my sincere desire to pass this gift on to other families.” - Bridget Fetterly