Vanessa Langevin

Event coordinator

Vanessa is driven by human connection. Bringing people together to celebrate, share, learn, and grow gives a deep sense of purpose to her work.

Her career includes 20 years of experience in the events industry with gatherings ranging from multi-day corporate affairs and branded entertainment events, to intimate dinners and heartfelt memorials. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Hospitality Management from the prestigious Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, France.

She is honored to work in partnership with Alavida and Kane & Fetterly and sincerely believes in their vision for transforming the way we say goodbye. Her empathy and expertise allow her to help people to celebrate the unique lives of their loved ones and honor the ways in which they have touched the many lives of those around them.

Bridget Fetterly

Founder & President of Kane & Fetterly

After graduating from McGill University with a degree in Art History, she travelled to Florence Italy to study fine arts and graphic design. Through her studies and travels she was exposed to the Italian tradition of intentionally adding an artistic flare to everyday events. She was amazed by how a creative person could take any venue and transform it into a setting that impacted people on a deeply emotional level.

With that as a goal, she returned to Montreal to study Interior Design at the International Academy of Design and Technology. Upon completion of the program her vision was to start a business that created beautiful transformational experiences.

Paolo Bassi

Founder & Director of Kane & Fetterly

Paolo Bassi is co-founder of alaVida Life Celebrations along with his wife with twenty years of experience as executive director of Kane & Fetterly. Paolo has a commerce degree from Università Cattolica in Milan, Italy. Born in Como, Italy, Paolo moved to Montreal in 1997 and immediately began working at Kane & Fetterly with his wife, company president, Bridget Fetterly.
He specializes in web development and is the mastermind behind the websites of Kane & Fetterly and alaVida. He is also a driving force in the workplace as director of operations.
A devoted father and husband with passions for travel, cooking, and organizing dance parties with friends, Paolo brings a tireless dedication to his work at Kane Fetterly.