5 Reasons Why A Life Celebration Is The Way To Go

5 Reasons Why A Life Celebration Is The Way To Go

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5 Reasons Why A Life Celebration Is The Way To Go

1. Creates A Positive Lasting Memory

The easiest way to be remembered by family and friends for the fun, the love and the special moments is to leave them that way, with lots of positive memories. Throwing a life celebration before death (Living Funeral) or after death brings people together to reminisce in a joyful way and helps everyone part with good lasting memories. These ending moments can create memories for a lifetime for children, loved ones and friends. Mourning with a smile as family and friends savour favourite foods and music in an ambiance that is reflective of the person being honoured says “this is my party and I’ll celebrate it the way I want to”.

2. Brings Pause To The Rush Of Life

One of the newest ways to celebrate end of life is with an on-location ceremony or event held anywhere meaningful to the deceased and their family. Why would you not throw a goodbye celebration for a nature lover in nature? A well organized life celebration can be the event that gathers family and friends together and encourages them to take time out to be together, acknowledge the deceased and each other, and celebrate love.

3. Heals The Heart & Soul

One of the most important things is to make sure everyone is comfortable, involved if they want to be and at ease. Make people feel like the event is likening to the deceased; their energy, their taste, kind of like a big hug from them to everyone who attends. Remember a life celebration is for the dead but more importantly sometimes for the living who also need to heal. Try to think about where people’s heads and hearts will be at and what might support them best. It’s good to include humorous stories as well as touching memories in the day. Laughter and tears are equally therapeutic.

4. Offers Closure & A Chance to Begin Healing

It’s important for people to have closure around the death of someone by facing it, talking about it and celebrating the person. With cremation on the rise, families are often delivered the ashes of their loved ones in a box or urn and then everyone goes home. Without an event to say goodbye, there is no clear closure for family, friends or even children. It’s important to celebrate, honour the life by leaving notes, saying thank you if there’s time; and above all celebrate their life story. Celebration gives us closure and joyous memories to hang on to.

5. Say What Needs To Be Said

In the case of a terminal illness, it takes tremendous courage to face death and celebrate life at the same time. A Living Funeral allows that to happen. Saying goodbye to family and friends gives everyone the space to say what they need to say before death happens. Leaving this life with no words left unsaid is such a privilege for everyone. Expressing gratitude and getting things said that need to be said is a wonderful way to say thank you to those who shared our life journey.

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