Why Host a Life Celebration

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A Life Celebration is a customized tribute that offers closure

Why Host a Life Celebration Life Celebration is the new buzzword of the funeral industry. It’s what the industry and people in general are calling memorials and their receptions afterwards. But is it really necessary, beneficial and in general needed?
A recent survey of 20 Montrealers from all different ages and backgrounds weighed in on the topic.
They seemed to all agree that it’s much better to have an uplifting event than a somber ritual. They also all agreed that they didn’t want their families to be grief-stricken and sad at their passing. A majority of the respondents settled on the idea that a Life Celebration would make them feel better knowing that those who attended their event would enjoy the memories brought forward through a sharing of their life story. All agreed that saying goodbye with an heartening event would offer finality and a chance to say goodbye in a positive way that would help them not miss them too much. In general, the conclusions drawn from this crowd was that they much preferred having a Life Celebration than a typical, traditional funeral.

4 reasons why we should consider a life celebration

Share the life story

A Life Celebration pays tribute to a person by highlighting their passions, accomplishments and distinctiveness as an individual whose life mattered.

Host it anytime

A typical Life Celebration can happen any time convenient to the family. It is not necessary to rush and host it the same week as a death as is typical with funerals.

Personalize it

Unlike a traditional, one-size-fits all ritual, a Life Celebration is usually creative and customized to reflect the desires of the deceased and their family. From venue and décor to menu selection and mementos, every detail counts to make it unique and special.

Offer participation

A Life Celebration is usually the best kind of closure for the whole family, including children. It is a joyous event that usually encourages participation from the whole family.

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