A Life Celebration or a Funeral, what’s the difference?

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How does a Life Celebration differ from a funeral?

Many of us are hearing the term Life Celebration; indeed it seems to be the new buzzword of the funeral industry. But last week, I attended what was considered a Life Celebration and although I expected it to be a joyous event, it turned out to be just like a funeral.
From that experience, I thought it would be interesting to look at what makes the two different by checking in with alaVida.ca, Montreal’s leading provider of Life Celebration events that is equally a division of Kane & Fetterly, a family owned and run funeral home.
I thought their interpretation might be enlightening since they do both traditional service and new, contemporary Life Celebration events. My wish is that by comparing the two concepts, we’ll learn which one might be suitable for us. From the get-go, let’s agree that both ceremonies are needed and respected; one not better than another and not even exclusive.
At alaVida, there have been a few who have selected to mix traditional elements of a classic funeral with modern approaches of Life Celebrations. The nice thing is everything goes these days and that’s what’s important to understand.

A Life Celebration or Funeral, What’s the difference?

Considering a life celebration? Here’s how it differs from conventional funerals:

Joy is present

A Life Celebration is a tribute to someone’s whole life, not just his or her ending. Therefore, it has a
story that hopefully draws smiles, laughter and joy from guests. Not to say that tears are not allowed
or present at Life Celebration events, but in general it’s not planned as a tear-jerking, melancholy

Before and After Death

Unlike a funeral, a Life Celebration can be held any time before or after death. There is no time
better than the time that you feel is the right moment to summon friends and family to a joyous
celebration of life.

At a Location of Choice

A Life Celebration is usually hosted at a location that holds some special meaning for the person and
their family. The choice of venue is critical to creating the right ambiance.

No Rush

A typical Life Celebration can happen any time that is convenient. It is not necessary to rush as is
typical with funerals. A Life Celebration is creative and inspiring and needs time to plan.

Custom Design

Unlike a funeral where there is a customary way, a Life Celebration is developed with you. Of course,
there are elements that every event should consider having but there are no rules.


Even a Life Celebration should have some type of ceremony according to alaVida. So, they try to
find a unique and enlightened way of recognizing the person.

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