Imagine Death When “Love Is The Way”

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Imagine Death When “Love Is The Way”

Love could transform the funeral experience.

“Love is the way,” broadcasts Rev. Michael Curry when he gave a powerful speech at Prince Harry & Megan’s Royal Wedding. His message resonated with many because it invited everyone around the world watching to imagine a world where love was the way.
“Imagine,” he said over and over again, “if love was the way”, and we imagined a world in which love is the way and how saying goodbye to our loved ones would transform. When love is the way, how would it affect the funeral industry, the senior aging community, and the chronically ill?
What would the funeral industry look like if love was the way when bidding our loved ones goodbye?
“There’s power in love to help and heal when nothing else can. There’s power in love to lift up and liberate when nothing else will.”Rev. Michael Curry
It’s not that we don’t love when we say goodbye to our friends and family today but perhaps we would take a little more time to celebrate their unique life? Perhaps we would be more open to alternatives in traditions and etiquette? Perhaps we would provide more space for those to speak and share their ideas around death and that death would not be treated as such a taboo? Maybe we’d allow those who are suffering a way out with dignity and love? At alaVida, we pondered many ideas like this and wanted to share some of our thoughts on how love would transform the way we say goodbye.

4 ways that “Love is the way” transforms death

Host a Living Funeral

We wouldn’t wait until it’s too late to say goodbye to our loved ones whose death is imminent. We
would want to express our love while they were still with us. We would want to celebrate them
with as much joy as possible. We would want to surround them with love and share in the their
final moments.

Tell The Life Story

Coming from love, we would highlight their passions, accomplishments and distinctiveness as an
individual whose life mattered. We would share how they touched our lives. We would celebrate them as important contributors to life.

Don’t Rush

We wouldn’t let this important Life Celebration and love-fest be rushed. Rather we would take our
time, find just the right way to celebrate them and then host a Beautiful Goodbye™ event.

Get joyous Closure

When love is the way, memorial events and funerals would transform into a love-fest where the
goal would be to host a Life Celebration that resonates love to all who attend. It would offer joy,
unique ritual and positive closure for the whole family, including children.

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