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5 Ideas to prep you for life after 50

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alavida Montreal - Life Celebrations

Those of us hitting our 50s can’t deny that it’s an unsettling age. Like an earthquake rumbling underneath us, we arrive at this threshold of this mid-life bridge having perhaps achieved a lot, but also cognizant of this distinctive and consequential stage.

In an effort to ease transition through this phase and attain peace of mind, you might consider a spiritual revitalization program that includes life coaching and end-of-life planning.

According to Vanessa Langevin, Life Celebration Planner for, the idea of taking time to work inwardly is essential at this stage in life. Along with determining what’s important to you, facing your own mortality and organizing a life exit strategy can be both inspiring and liberating. “This is the ideal time to look at the end and work backwards to design new life priorities, goals and dreams,” explains Argentin. “It’s not an easy period but is an essential one to take the time to do well in order to live well.”

Designing a Life Celebration event that reflects who you are is a ‘life review’ exercise that opens up a journey of self-reflection, self-love and self-awareness. It’s a great way to acknowledge people important throughout your life, design and finance your end-of-life with a pre-arrangement plan, while making sure things get done your way on your terms without burdening anyone else.

5 Ideas to prep you

#1 Hire a life coach or ask a friend who’s a good listener to help you align your professional and spiritual life.

#2 Designate a relative or close friend (who knows your personal information) to act as Executor for your Will and wishes.

#3 Create a vision board and make sure to assemble in one place, all important papers, passwords, accounts, life insurance, contacts, etc.

#4 Work with a professional event service like to guide you in designing your personalized life celebration event.

#5 Self-finance your Life Celebration and cremation with a pre-arrangement plan that includes an affordable, monthly installment investment tool.

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