Goodbye Is Forever - Make It Beautiful!

Goodbye Is Forever – Make It Beautiful!

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Christine’s grandmother wanted her funeral to be “a going away party” because she saw death as moving to the next part of life’s journey.

Her grandmother didn’t look at death as negative or scary, it was simply a transition.

Sitting with Ilene, the two ladies discuss the modern movement towards changing the way we say goodbye, including Living Funerals and how they are a privilege.

Ilene wants to make people aware that there are options like hosting a more upbeat event in lieu of a sombre gathering is possible.

“Of course, there’ll be tears and sadness, but there will also be a lot of laughter.

Having had a colorful life her self, she wants to leave with her friends remembering her laughter and good nature.

The two women agree, “goodbye is forever, so make it beautiful.”

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