Death Goes Hi-Tech

Purchasing Cremation Services Online

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Death Goes Hi-Tech

The Internet is making everything in our lives more convenient. We bank online, plan vacations and weddings online, shop online, and buy a property online, so why not arrange a cremation online?

Although your first thought might be ‘that’s going too far’, according to Giselle Argentin, Life Celebration Planner. It’s not that unusual given that some people are away from home and they need to make arrangements from a distance when death happens. Others, who are comfortable online, prefer not to have to visit a funeral home if they can make arrangements from the comfort of home.

Ordering a cremation online is secure especially when they are divisions of reputable funeral homes like “We’ve been in the funeral business for over 50 years, so we are experts,” explains Argentin. “And, it’s actually a relatively easy process that includes a series of documents that need to be filled out and signed via e-signature. If you’re at ease online, then this is definitely the least expensive and easiest way to make arrangements.

Online cremation is only one of several hi-tech services redefining the funeral industry. As Baby Boomers trail blaze into their senior years, the whole end-of-life process and death protocol, previously immersed in indisputable tradition, is modernizing and adapting to the age of the Internet and the Boomers who always want things done differently.

Some of the new ideas that are replacing traditional rituals include: online memorial sites, at home death ceremonies, life celebrations before death, green burials, joyous life celebration events held at a location of choice, customized and personalized memorial celebrations reflective of the person, and more.


#1 Cremation Arrangements

Ordering cremation online eliminates interaction with a funeral home, and is less expensive, secure and fast.

#2 Obituaries

As newspaper go digital and/or close, obituary platforms have taken over. Online memorial sites offer so much more sharing of videos and photos and more.

#3 Urns & Mementos Shopping

With an increase in cremations comes the need for urns. Shopping for an urn is easy at

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