Have you had the conversation with your partner?

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G: So what is it about this conversation that’s so difficult?
E: …We are not really immortal, and I think we should have the conversation.
E: I’ve lived my life under my own terms… I want to be remembered for the great choices I’ve made and even maybe some of the bad ones I’ve made as well.
G: We didn’t live our lives typically and I certainly don’t want to have a life celebration that’s typical.
E: We’re living great lives and I think should celebrate our lives, and I think there is a solution for it: Alavida.
E: I think the idea of having someone there, planning it out, and actually having that support is a good idea.
G: The reason I like it is because I’m a planner so the idea that having this final party planned and ready takes the stress away. That we are not afraid and we’re excited, makes everybody relaxed.
G: It’s like having a wedding planner for a wedding… this is sort of the equivalent of that and someone executes it for you and you don’t have to over think it …
E: I never thought of it that way. I would rather be prepared. I would rather you be prepared as well.
E: I think Alavida has a really good option for us. Something that our friends will want to attend. And yes with tears of sadness but also tears of joy.
G: A beautiful goodbye would be a celebration. I want it to be elegant and fun… and really good food, great music.
E: Well I think if we are going to talk about planning, I don’t think I want anything traditional. Maybe a request for everyone to wear white. Maybe the song that was playing when you proposed. The song that was playing when we were pronounced spouses.
E: Vodka. My favourite vodka.
E: I’d want a photo of us on one of our cruises. I’d like a good Dixie Chick song, I didn’t even know who they were, till I met you…
E: I want people to be happy.
G: That’s right.
G: I like the process, of this doing this inventory with you, about the important moments we’ve shared, and how do we choreograph that and make it a celebration that everyone will remember.
G: Alavida … as we know means ‘to life.’ It’s basically all about love… and that to me would be a beautiful goodbye.
Cat jumps on the chair.
E: (to cat) Are you part of the conversation?

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