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A: In life, it seems like we never get to talk about death and I wonder why it’s hard to talk about it
A: Somehow, we should prepare ourselves for it
A: In the same way that we have time, the time to create a baby over 9 months, we prepare for that
M: Maybe we need to talk about this taboo, demystify the ideology behind death
A: I think we need to celebrate death
M: How exactly would you celebrate it ?
A: A celebration of life !
Even Better
The concept presented by alaVida of celebration of life inspires me a lot
The idea that it’s me who decides, that’s what’s interesting. It’s about telling people how you want to celebrate life or death
M: I lost a friend a few years ago. I remember that the family was so stressed that the mother collapsed. There was no one to think about how to organize the funeral in honour of the person. Surely if they had celebrated his life as alaVida says it, it would have been nicer. I wish there could have been support for them.
A: I want to be outside and I want it to be great, you know! I want people to have fun! Celebrate in nature, without stress. I would like to die in summer!
M: At my death I would like people to come with scarves to remind us that we can also dress our soul. I would like people to come without shoes, so they can touch the ground. It reminds us of where we actually come from.
A: I have only one son, he has half a sister, so I want him to be at peace with this celebration of life and go with the light. It should start in the light and it end in the evening but in the evening when there’s a spirit of light.
A : You see, I’m crying !
M: I believe that the concept of alaVida is to get the support from people who will bring you this light that you deserve, that you desire, that you embody, to your celebration of life
A: Ah, I totally agree !
M : Ah, I’m thrilled!
M : Let me give you a hug!
M: He makes me want to die !

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