Have you had the conversation with your child?

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C: I do not think it’s difficult. I think it’s a cultural thing, your father does not like talking about that
C: He thinks that if we talk about death we’re going to die faster!
C : So, if you’re ready to talk, I’d like to tell you what to do, because it’s for you!
I : I would love to do that for you because you’re really not like any other mom. I would like, when you die, to do something to really remember it
C: The funeral is too sad too
C : I don’t want that for you guys
C : I would like to plan it in a very calm way and talk to Dad and actually plan properly. This alaVida idea which is that you actually have someone guiding you through the moment
C : I feel like it’s almost like I am giving you a gift because when my Dad died there were some things I wanted to say and I couldn’t
C : And I would like when that moment happens with us that at my death, at my passing, at my celebration, funeral whatever you want to call it, that you feel the last comfort I can give you as a Mom
C : I think that we all need to send off our beloved ones with something, for my celebration I want to have a pine box, I want to be covered in little objects and things that I would love, love to have little mementos left with me
I : I would love that if it was something really creative like dancing, if everyone can write something, I think it would be cool.
I : For dinner I wanted Chardonnay, sushi and chicken nuggets for the Celebration of Life!
I : I think a final goodbye like that should be personal; it makes it more special and more meaningful
I: I have a friend and her mother passed away from cancer
and the mother was cremated, and she only got a bit of ashes. She felt like that funeral did not embody her mother at all. And when I think about you that way I just…
If I were to celebrate your life like that, I would really want it to be about you and how we lived and not just how you died.
C: So we don’t want to do that ok? And we’re going to plan it properly. And you’re the youngest one and we do not want you to be stuck with it, and it’s going to be fun because you should have a good memory when you say goodbye. Yeah exactly.
C : People like to leave smiling not sobbing
C: alaVida – L’Chaim ! It means that you focus on life and not death

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